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Business Innovation Catalyst is a partnership between Swansea Innovations and BIC Innovation Ltd. We provide leading expertise in business growth, innovation and management delivered by highly experienced tutors who have both the background of a leading management school coupled with real life experience in business growth, innovation and management.
Swansea Innovations BIC Innovation Ltd

BIC Innovation Ltd

Registered in England and Wales, Company Reg No. 05092027 

BIC Innovation Ltd strongly believes in change and our mission is to promote and assist in embedding innovation across Wales and beyond. Our clients, through commercial agreement or via funded programmes, are predominantly SMEs or satellite operations of global companies. 

Our consultancy encompasses hands on participation, advice, support, guidance and training delivered by specialists who have served their time in industry, commerce and academia. Their careers cover national and international organisations bringing ‘blue chip’ experience to local Welsh companies. Knowledge of latest best practice is maintained through professional institute membership, collaborative working with universities and other organisations e.g. Innovate UK.

BIC Innovation’s team have extensive experience in both delivering professional training workshops and direct experience of managing growing and innovative businesses
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